At Certwood we manufacture innovative mobile storage solutions that are agile, systematic and purposeful. Our industry leading high density, storage solutions, enhance the flexibility of environments.


It has begun. In small pockets across the globe, we have been successful turning the antiquated culture of three-dimension solutions to educational environments Outside Out. Everyone can certainly agree that this is just a start, but it’s a great start and we need to sustain the momentum that we have achieved.

How do we know that this statement is true? Every single manufacturer has responded to mobility, flexibility, agility and recoverability in various ways. But what is truly NEXT? What will be the fall out from this Cultural Shift? We personally believe it will be “the clutter”.

We will need to have systematic and purposeful storage solutions that will allow the end-user to self-organize, dispense, store and collect the wide assortment and extremely long list of items that will surface in every classroom. In the next generations of educational environments, standard cabinetry and adjustable shelving solutions will only hinder these environments by restricting the mobility and flexibility of the environment’s furniture solutions and therefore will only suppress engagement, collaboration and wonder.