21st Century Environments

We can all design and create fabulous 21st Century Environments. However, if we fail to institute and sustain systematic and purposeful storage solutions, our creations can easily revert to the static institutions that we so tirelessly evolved.




Successful products must be simple and easy to use. Every component within the StorSystem product line can be simply and easily re-organized, repositioned and reconfigured satisfying the requirements of today’s mobile, flexible environments.

StorSystem, as manufactured by Certwood Limited, is the award winning, industry leader in the production of systematic, effective and innovative modular storage solutions. Components are extremely mobile and diverse in the wide range of agile solutions, which enable the end-user to create and maintain a self-organized environment.

StorSystem is the “supporting cast” for the next generation of educational environments. Every component within the StorSystem product line is extremely agile. They can be easily reorganized, repositioned and reconfigured. They support mobility as well as flexibility at specific points in time.

The StorSystem line of mobile storage solutions are not constrained to specific spaces as they were specifically created to be transitioned and re-purposed throughout an entire facility.



Components are extremely mobile and diverse in the wide range of agile solutions, which enable the end-user to create and maintain an evolving self-organized environment.

If the ultimate goal is to allow the stakeholders to begin with a blank canvas to create the specific environments that will “fit” the end-users at specific points in time, we understand that we will need to satisfy solutions for “the stuff” that will be moved into these environments.

The solutions need to be diverse. Diversity will only allow the end-users to effectively move manipulativies and accessories in and out of the environments as they are needed only to be easily “re-housed” in one single, organized storage solution.

Diversity is accomplished with a wide assortment of carts, tote trays, runners and organizers of varying sizes and colors. The StorSystem line of products provides 75 different product types, 8 organizing accessory components as well as 5 tote tray sizes of various widths and depths. The 23 different options of translucent, clear and opaque colors permits the breath of combinations to become endless.



Personalization demands customizable storage solutions that speak to a diverse set of end-users in a variety of adaptable environmental solutions.

In the attempt to define who you are and what are you’re trying to accomplished, we understand that we need to provide solutions that can be personalized. There is truly no one size fits all solution for all stakeholders and this is precisely why each solution can be initially customized. Additionally, as environments change, the diversity of our solutions can adapt to these changes due to their mobility as well as their wide range of diverse options.



In the desire to “future proof” evolving environments, storage solutions must embrace adaptability while being resilient.

In our evolving environments there is only one certainty, the requirements of the spaces will change. No one can be certain as to what our environments will look like in just 5 short years. This is precisely why a holistic approach to storage solutions will permit and enhance change as the requirements evolve. There is no longer the need to have one static solution that will be prohibitive to change when solutions now can be mobile, diverse and most importantly adaptable.