We offer a complete line of components and accessories increasing the usefulness and safety of our innovative storage solutions. Enhancements maintain organization while providing stand alone opportunities.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Glide & Tilt


  • Structural Glide & Tilt
    Tray Runner – Triple

  • Structural Glide & Tilt
    Tray Runner – Single




  • Single Division Stortray

  • 2 Division Stortray

  • 3 Division Short Stortray

  • 3 Division Long Stortray

  • 4 Division Stortray




  • Set Of Metal

  • Security Clips

  • Set Of Castors




  • Tote Tray Runners

  • Upholstered Seat For
    ‘Slim Line’ Tray

  • Ticket Window

  • Filing Frame

  • Brochure
  • Certifications
  • Design Resource
  • Glide & Tilt:

    • Glide and Tilt system is available to furniture manufacturers to build into their own ranges of storage units.
    • Holds tote trays in an angled open position.
    • Allows easy access to tote tray.
    • Clear display of tote tray contents.
    • Eliminates tote tray ” fall thru ”
    • Combined with “supertuff shatterproof” Certwood tote trays makes for the safest storage system available.

    StorTrays, Sets, and Others:

    5 different types of insert “StorTrays” are available, any combination of 2 stortrays fitting into all of the A4 plastic storage tote trays. Injection moulded in HIPS for strength, these items are designed for use as stand-alone items outside the storage tote trays as well as for use within the tote trays, unlike similar ‘flimsy’ vacuum formed products on the market.

    Storage tote tray Lids are available clear and fit any of the A4 Tote Trays. Security Clips are available to clip the lid to the tote tray to securely transport products.

    Combining the Certwood A4 plastic storage tote trays, with Storage tray Lids and security clips makes a totally secure storage container, which eliminates stored products from becoming mixed up.

    Using the StorTray with the double depth and Quad storage tote trays allows the storage of both small and large items together.

    The system allows for the storage of the huge number of resource items that are used throughout schools in all curriculum areas.

    StorSystem is based on the 4 different sizes of Certwood modular storage tote trays, which fit into either metal or wood carcase storage units.

    All storage tote trays can be stacked using the tote tray lid and they locate the tote trays together stopping them from sliding. Stacks of storage tote trays can be stored on shelves or add wheels to a bottom Quad tote tray and you have a storage equipment unit that can be wheeled around the classroom or school.

    Small and very small items fit into the StorTrays, StorTrays fit neatly into storage tote trays and the storage trays fit into units. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’