StorSystem’s storage solutions not only are innovative but also truly support innovative environments. The entire product line provides systematic storage solutions that permit important characteristics of innovation such as flexibility, inspiration, empowerment and collaboration.



Glide and Tilt

The company’s unwavering passion for innovation in safe design solutions is further supported by recognition from FIRA, Furniture Industry Research Association, for Innovation and Ergonomic Excellence. Certwood became the first manufacturer of educational furniture to receive both the prestigious FIRA Ergonomics Excellence and FIRA Innovation Award.

This is precisely why the award winning Glide & Tilt runner system was perfected to create an innovative solution that prevents tote trays as well as their contents to fall out under any circumstances. this unique system permits full access to the tote tray’s contents, while being securely held within the unit.

We are all aware that the industry favors high storage solutions and these safety features allow Certwood to lead the industry.


Store, Rack and Roll

Educational Environments will need to be Simplistic and Intuitive as we move forward. Certwood’s mobile tray solutions can be housed in rigid storage racks in storerooms and closets as well as within fixed traditional classroom casework.

The end-user simply arrives at a fixed storage solution with an appropriately sized cart or carts, selects the trays required for the day’s needs and then delivers them to the established place within the educational environment. Once the task or project is completed, the trays can be stowed and redistributed to additional locations within the space or facility.

This mobility not only effectively supports elementary grades in the need to keep the smallest of manipulatives organized but will support middle school, high school, higher educational organizations, offices and medical institutions in a larger scale.


Teacher Influenced Design

Innovation is ultimately supported by the fact that various features of Certwood’s product line have been designed by the end-user. One important feature was created at the request of a kindergarten teacher.

The teacher, describing the need to place large letters for children beginning to read and identify words, was the catalyst for a second labeling technique added to each tray. As an integral part of every tote tray, a series of extremely small dots are placed along the width of every tote tray allowing for “simple and easy” removal of oversized self-adhering labels.

Currently, there are two sets of vary unique labeling options, one either end of every tote tray. On the end opposite the teacher inspired solution, Certwood provides a traditional paper label with a translucent cover.