Certwood’s deep passion of creativity and innovation has empowered the production of award-winning storage solutions that lead the industry in strength and safety.

At Certwood Limited, safety is paramount. This is precisely why the award winning Glide & Tilt runner system was perfected to create an innovative solution that prevents tote trays, as well as their contents to fall out under any circumstances. We are all aware that the industry favors high storage solutions and this safety feature permits Certwood to lead the industry. This unique system additionally permits full access to the bins contents, while being securely held within the unit.

Safety of the end-user is supported by the leading quality that all of the manufactured tote trays and or bins are shatterproof, passing and far exceeding the strongest of all international testing and protocol. Additionally, adherence to the international tip standard becomes paramount in flexible, mobile environments. Our unwavering passion in innovation and safety is further supported by recognition from FIRA for Innovation and Ergonomic Excellence. Certwood became the first manufacturer of educational furniture to receive this award.

Lastly, our impact test certifications are extremely important in demonstrating the safety component of Certwood’s line of products. The Certwood ‘Storsystem’ storage tote tray product is the only storage tote tray in its class that far exceeds the rigorous standards of BS: 5873 (1998) PART 4 for an impact drop test. Our full range of storage tote trays, molded from ‘HIPS’ High Impact Polystyrene, are able to withstand a bull nosed steel weight equaling 2.75 pounds dropped from a height of 5 feet, remaining intact and unbroken after ten consecutive drop tests. Acquiring this certification brings added confidence that our products will not fail producing dangerous shards.