Sustainable attributes of the product line as well as the manufacturing process exemplify Certwood’s commitment to lead the industry in delivering innovative storage solutions. At Certwood, sustainable is a wide reaching concept that affects the future of our environments.


We believe in the creation of systems and products that enhance safe healthy, high performing environments. We believe in doing the right thing for our customers, our neighbors and our products, as well as the environment we share. The right thing means that we must not only provide innovative solutions for environments but we must be committed in producing safe, durable products that not only support but enhance safe, healthy, high performing environments. Sustainability comes down to thedecisions we make every day and how those decisions flow outward into the world around us.

At Certwood, we take extreme pride in the sustainable attributes of our company. The manufacturing plant produces zero scrap content into the waste stream as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, our factory utilizes latent heat from the production process to heat the entire facility.

Recycled Content. On production start up, or between color runs, each color of any scrap tote tray of supertuff, shatterproof polystyrene and or ABS generated is sorted, cut down and ground to a size comparable to the size of the original raw material pellets and then stored in large containers in the warehouse. Once a new production run of a specific color is being performed, the stockpiled recycled materials are brought back to the production line and placed into specific hoppers that utilize a sophisticated computer system to blend the recycled product with new virgin raw material into the newly formed tote tray.

Due to our ability to produce products with less than one percent waste, mostly attributed to the start up of a production run, the actual recycled content within the storage tote trays and runners will vary per product. Generally, the opaque tote trays and runners are produced with the highest recycled content of less than 10% in total but never more than 20% as it is at this blend that the structural integrity of the product could begin to be compromised.

Durability. We strongly believe that durability is an extremely important aspect of sustainability. We design and construct products that are meant to endure the toughest of environments. Due to our success, the end-user does not contribute to land fills with inferior products that do not stand up to the test of time.

Healthy High Performing Solutions. At Certwood, our complete line of products can provide an increased savings in energy as a result of its organizational and mobile qualities. Mobile educational environments can be more efficiently cleaned. If the environment is less cluttered, it will take the staff less time to perform the same amount of work.

It has been observed that mobile classrooms environments incorporating a systematic and purposeful storage solution can be fully cleaned in as much as 60% less time over traditional desk and chair layouts. Additionally, less time to clean equates to the reduction of energy usage. The custodians will use less lighting and mechanical systems while occupying the spaces being cleaned.

In the same light, mobility equates to labor cost savings as well. By evaluating the reduction in cleaning labor over a traditional classroom environment, a well-organized, less cluttered environment can save precious funding.