Tote Trays & Lids

Storage tote trays and lids are the heart of an evolving self-organized environment. Shatterproof storage solutions are exceedingly mobile and diverse in an extreme wide range of agile solutions.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Slim Line



Wide Line


  • Wide Line
    A3 Tray Lid

  • Wide Line
    A3 Single Depth Tray

  • Wide Line
    A3 Double Depth Tray

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  • At the heart of StorSystem is the Certwood range of modular plastic storage tote trays and accessories.

    • A coordinated programme of plastic storage tote trays in 5 different sizes.
    • All storage tote trays have the same design detailing.
    • Solid plastic colour tote trays moulded in ‘Super tuff shatterproof’ High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS).
    • Clear and tinted storage tote trays and clear storage lids moulded in ‘Super tuff shatteproof’ ABS.
    • Broad choice of colours.
    • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning.
    • Dual identification labelling system.
    • Injection moulded plastic tote tray inserts.
    • Tote tray lid for A4 tote trays.
    • Tote tray Security clips to secure tray lids.

    Generally plastic tote trays are made from either High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) or Talc Filled Polypropylene (TFPP). All Certwood solid colour tote trays are manufactured from HIPS, which is proven to be 8 times stronger than other tote trays made in TFPP. The clear and tinted storage tote trays are made from ABS, a material which gives excellent clarity and is even stronger than HIPS. Certwood tote trays are ‘Super tuff’ & shatterproof for safety.